Cynthia Bazin is a Student Development Speaker that is passionate about the future generation of leaders; our young women and men. She inspires and empowers students to take massive positive action in their life. She does this by motivating them to take full responsibility for their life and then getting them laser-focused with practical strategies so they have unstoppable success and happiness.

Cynthia inspires students to stop living life in an ordinary way and be extraordinary! 

From an early age, Cynthia lived out of her comfort zone and really went for it in life. She grew up in a very small town in Massachusetts where there was not much opportunity. She always knew she wanted to do something big with her life and not let anything get in her way of achieving extraordinary success.

Due to some great mentors in her life and learning to work really ‘smart’, she overcame challenges and achieved great success in her professional life and also earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Cynthia has a gift of being able to authentically relate to high school and college students, communicating at their level and finding ways to inspire and motivate them to take full control of their life. Part of this is finding core reasons why they are not moving positively forward in life, then inspiring them through her laser-focused strategies to help drive positive change.

Cynthia Bazin became a Student Development Speaker because she knew her passion and gift was to inspire young men and women that they can do absolutely anything they put their mind to in life. But, they must first take full responsibility for their life and stop worrying about what others want them to do. She teaches students to lead from within; that happiness and success starts on the inside.

Cynthia Inspires Students to Believe in Themselves By Teaching Confidence and Smart Decision-Making Skills!

Cynthia is passionate about motivating students. She had great mentors in her life that gave her confidence and the skills needed to make very smart decisions in her life. Cynthia believes wholeheartedly that when you are confident on the inside, everything else on the outside will fall much more nicely into place. Furthermore, when you add smart decision making to being confident in yourself, you are creating your very best life.

Cynthia Is All About Taking Action and Getting Results

Cynthia inspires students to stop wasting time, make an action plan and go for it in life. She helps youth get crystal clear, motivated and moving way forward by taking action on their goals.  When students hear Cynthia’s presentations, they feel a positive sense of urgency to step it up and not waste another second of time in their life. They are ready and committed to take charge and start really leading their own life!

gailWhat an absolute blessing to have met Cynthia Bazin – AWESOME beyond awesome. Her instincts for what works, her eye for seeing what doesn’t and her expertise on how to implement and take action, is off the charts.

–Gail Foley

Cynthia can be reached through her contact form to inquire about her availability for speaking engagements.