Cynthia’s time on stage is inspiring. From the first second she begins, students will be up on their feet and engaged and having fun. She is highly enthusiastic with a magnetic energy that students will feel throughout the presentation. She gets them involved at a level that they want to jump on stage to be part of the experience.

Cynthia has a gift of taking the most challenging and most needed topics and presenting them in a way that students will be hanging on to her every word and going away with laser focused strategies that apply to their life. When Cynthia is talking to hundreds or even thousands of students, they feel as if she is talking directly to them. They will be energized to put what they learned immediately into action!

Most Popular Types of Events Include

  • Student Leadership Conferences

  • High School and College Assemblies

  • Back-to-School Orientations

  • Teen Summits

  • Student Leader Trainings and Retreats

Cynthia Bazin

 Screenshot_1  Cynthia Bazin’s staying laser focused keynote presentation is exactly what our DECA members needed to hear. With our members being pulled in so many directions everyday they needed to hear this message. If you are considering a key note speaker and/or workshop presenter, Cynthia should be someone to consider.

             –Everett “Ev” Vaughan, Colorado DECA & Collegiate DECA State Advisor, Asst. Program Director Business & Marketing

Nadirah Jones TestimonialCynthia Bazin is such an inspiring woman. She loves helping women and young girls believe in themselves and encourages to be all that they can be. When I see Cynthia interact with her audience I see and feel her passion for people. She is a woman that looks out for other women and that is what we need in this day and time. a true loving, passionate advocate for women. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional and motivating speaker!

-Nadirah Jones For WIGG INC – Women Inspiring Girls to Grow

Keynote / Assembly

Behind Closed Doors 

Smart, Laser-Focused Decision Making for Leadership Success

Before you can be an effective leader for others, you must first learn who you are as a person and be able to lead yourself. As you go and grow through life you will be faced with all types of situations that will challenge the inner core of who you are as a person. Many of these situations come right down to ethics and which way you go can impact how you are perceived as a leader moving forward. Cynthia understand the challenges that students face each day and she helps them break through to living a confident life with smart decision making skills. Cynthia motivates students by showing them how knowing their core values and having the maturity, character and insight to lead themselves, is going to make a positive impact on how effectively they will lead others.

Major Points of What Students Will Learn:

  1. How designing a set of core values and non-negotiables will help them through decision making.
  2. To make decisions not just based on what feels right at the moment but rather looking outward on how it can affect their future.
  3. To stand up for what is right and be the type of person others will want to emulate.
  4. Through highly interactive scenarios, learning how to quickly assess an ethical situation and make the best decision for their life.

Leading from the Inside Out

In an ever changing world, sometimes it can be scary to step out of your comfort zone, especially if you tend to like routine and order to your life. But in order to grow through life and lead a life of greatness, you must get uncomfortable and get out of being ordinary and step into the extraordinary. You must surround yourself with the best people, but leadership and motivation starts within. You can’t rely on someone carrying you through life. Each day you have to commit to take actions that will move you forward towards your goals and dreams.  Cynthia understands this through her own experiences learning to take full responsibility for her life and creating her best life. Cynthia will walk students through that process and get them pumped up to lead from within!

Major Points of What Students Will Learn:

  1. Clarity on what they stand for in life by focusing on their values which is the roadmap to smart decision making and leadership success.
  2. It’s not too late to turn around bad habits. They will be clear they are not their past and they can take control of their situation right now.
  3. Not to live their life trying to be like others, but instead, to let their own light shine. Get out into the world with a new purpose, a new determination to explore their own unique abilities, talents and skills and discover their own criteria of success.
  4. Leading within is determined by the personal choices and habits they live out every day.

 Additional Popular Assembly/Conference Keynotes

  • School Spirit
  • Freshman Orientations
  • How to Break Free From Negativity and Toxicity
  • Get Massive Productivity with Laser Focused Strategies
  • 10 Ways to Step Into Your Personal Greatness Today

**Presentations can be customized for your conference or school event.