Isn’t it truly amazing how fast the holiday is approaching? It just seems as if we cleaned up from Thanksgiving and in a few short days Christmas will be here.  And part of the Christmas holiday (for those that celebrate), is giving to others that we care about and love. Giving a gift that the person will really like is important to the person giving. But one thing we should never do is go over budget in spending.

So do you have some people that have been a positive, inspirational influence in your life that you’d like to give ‘a little’ something special to, but don’t have much of a budget or the luxury of time? Check out my last minute, very affordable, easy and inspirational gifts to give to someone you care about!

10 Inspirational, Affordable Gifts You Can Give This Holiday Season

  1. Picture Frame With an Inspirational Quote – Do you love a great quote as much as I do? I have some favorite quotes that I keep by me and look at often to keep me inspired during the day. A really great gift idea is to print out an awesome quote and put it in a nice frame and gift it to someone. For someone who likes inspirational quotes, they will love this.
  2. Journal – I really enjoy writing down my goals and thoughts in a nice journal. You can find some very cool, inspirational journals out there for a low cost.  Be sure to message me if you need ideas on where to get them! Gpod actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.
  3. Subscription To A Favorite Inspirational Magazine – What is someone’s favorite magazine that they either buy from a store or currently have a subscription to? You can get some great deals on magazine subscriptions. The recipient will appreciate this thoughtful gift.
  4. Framed Picture Of A Great Memory – Do you have a really cool memory captured in a picture with you and who you care about? Could be a picture from WAY back! Why not surprise them with a great memory of the both of you.
  5. Favorite Foods – This is always a great, easy gift to give to others.  Some ideas: Packets of cocoa, a cool coffee mug with gourmet coffees, cookie mix ingredients layered in a jar, gourmet popcorn, healthy protein bars. You get the idea!
  6. Holiday Ornament – A friend of mine knows my absolute love of coffee! She gifted me a Starbucks coffee mug ornament and I absolutely love it! And this gift I will love year after year.
  7. Bath Salts, Soaps or Candles – There are some really cute soaps, bath salts and candles you can get out there.  You don’t even have to make a big basket of it. If you are on a limited budget, a cute card with one of those items will show that you were thinking of them.
  8. Coupon For Their Favorite Beverage – Out of the blue the other day, someone emailed me a Starbucks coupon for $5.00. What a great surprise! What an easy gift to let someone know they are appreciated. I loved mine!
  9. Inspirational Notecards or Stationary – There are some really cool paper products out there for a low cost. “To Do List” notepads, Post It Notes, Stationary etc. If the person you want to give a gift to loves this kind of stuff, there are a lot of options out there.
  10. Favorite Mints or Candy In A Jar -An easy affordable gift for someone is to get a really cool jar that you might already have and fill it with the person’s favorite mints or candy so they can put it on their desk. Easy gift but thoughtful!

Which ideas above do you like the best, that you could see yourself giving to others? What other ideas do you have that you could share that would be good for others to consider giving. I’d love to hear from you! Let’s make this an awesome holiday!

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