Catchy title huh? 😉  I actually said that to one of my friends yesterday who was talking with me about how she felt pressured by family to start having children with her new husband.  When I said the catchy phrase, “Live Life Your Way, and Let Other’s Ideas of How You Should Live Take the Highway”, I said it to lighten the mood (which we got a good laugh out of it), but those words I really meant. I asked her….Who’s life are you living?

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • You should do (fill in the blank) with your career.
  • You should major in (fill in the blank) at college.
  • You should get married…
  • Don’t you think it’s about time that you had children?
  • You should lose a little weight.

We are bombarded in life sometimes with other peoples messages coming at us as to what we should do with our lives.  Some do it innocently, they are saying it in a way to let us know they care. However, other people can be very persistent and persuasive, and at times make people feel so guilty that some begin to believe what others are saying is what he or she should really do.

I ask you again… Who’s life are you living?  Are you living the life that someone else has planned out for you?  Or are you doing what you want?  I don’t know how many times I have heard people expressing strong opinions about what someone should do with their lives.  And I catch myself saying to people.  “It’s their life, let them do what they want”.  “If it makes them happy that’s all that matters”.

I saw this quote last night.  “The best person in your corner is yourself”.  What a great statement.  Love yourself, Love your Life, and Live it Your Way.  We’ve got one chance at this.  Make sure when you are looking back on your life in your later years, there are no regrets, just great memories of everything you put on your bucket list to do and accomplish.   -The SmartChic 🙂

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