We are surrounded by people and things that can influence our behavior in life.  The reality is, we live in times that there are a lot of outside influences that could put us on the wrong path, in both our personal and professional life.  And many people do go the wrong way; good people too, and it often destroys part or their entire life.

Integrity is one of those things, that you either have it or you don’t.  To me there is no middle ground. Having integrity is key to loyalty and if you don’t have loyalty and integrity, others are going to see that in you, and you’ll appear not trustworthy.

None of us are perfect.  Perhaps you have done some things in life that you might not be proud of.  Can you turn things around? Of course you can!  But you need to make the necessary changes and understand that having integrity is not just an action, it’s a lifestyle, a habit, a consistent pattern of behavior.  It’s willing to stand up, stand out and do what’s right, even at times doing it alone.

Need a little convincing?  Here are my reasons as to why having integrity will get you far in life.

Why Having Integrity In Life Will Get You Far In Life

  1. The Truth Needs No Memory – When you have integrity, you are acting in a loyal and truthful manner. And when you need to recall events, it’s easy, because you have nothing to hide or make up.
  2. You Can Sleep More Soundly At Night  – When you are doing the right thing, you can sleep soundly at night, because you don’t have worries about whether you are going to get caught for doing the wrong thing.  When you have integrity and do the right thing, the right people will support you in what you do.
  3. No Need to Look Over Your Shoulder – With integrity, comes a lighter emotional load. You will not have that weight on your shoulders or that ‘feeling’ that someone might be on to you, because there is no need to.  You are free with integrity.
  4. You Will Be Trusted -There is no better feeling than people trusting you for all that you do in life.  If there is a pattern of loyal and good behavior from you, better things in the long run will come to you in your professional and personal life.

So in summary, it is my belief that having integrity is the key to having an authentic and successful personal and professional life.  What are your thoughts on integrity?  I would love to hear your comments today.

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