This is always a busy time of year. Between holiday shopping, cooking, attending holiday parties and finishing up client work, there seems not to be much other time to think about anything else.  But I do think about something else. Always at this time, I review what my goals were for the year; and see what I accomplished and what I didn’t do.

Sometimes people get a little bummed about what they ‘did not’ accomplish and focus on that versus what they did accomplish during the year. It’s perfectly fine to go through the things you didn’t do over the last year but you should never dwell on it. If you really look back on the year, you probably accomplished so much that you can’t even recall them off the top of your head.

So let’s focus on what you really did accomplish this year. Get a piece of paper! Because you are going to want to write down the answers to the 10 things below.

Accentuate the positive

10 Accomplishments You Should Be Proud Of This Year

  1. The Things You Have Learned – What did you learn this year for the first time or what do you know more of now than you ever have?
  2. Great Challenges You Have Overcome –  Looking back at the year, what major challenges did you have that you worked through and are now in a better place?
  3. Gifts You Contributed To the World – How did you step it up this year; doing more of what you are an expert in and giving back to the world in a special way?
  4. The Impact You Made in Someone’s Life – Is there someone specific that you helped along the way this year in a positive way?
  5. Things You Have Eliminated In Your Life – What things were you previously doing in your life that you might have delegated or eliminated? Have you eliminate unnecessary drama in your life?
  6. Relationships You Have Started or Rekindled – What friendships or relationships did you start or rekindle this past year?
  7. Places You Have Seen -Where did you go? What amazing, cool places did you see?
  8. Inner Growth – How did you get to know more about yourself this past year?
  9. Letting Go Of Things You Couldn’t Control – What things did you not put energy to, because you knew you couldn’t do anything about it?
  10. Made Yourself More of a Priority – How did you make yourself more of a priority this past year? Did you exercise more? Did you relax more or make it a point to have more fun in your days?

So looking at that list above and your answers, let’s focus in on the positive! What accomplishments did you have this year? List them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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