I was recently having dinner with a great friend of mine.  I love those great conversations with trusted friends that last for hours over everything you need to catch-up on; family, business, future plans etc. It was such a rich conversation about life. I believe we all need to have those great conversations with awesome people in our life that totally ‘get us’.

At one point during the evening, the conversation went to my friend asking me what I felt was the key of me having a good handle on my business and personal life? It definitely made me think! I mean, I am continuously learning and growing as everyone does, but I do feel that I am very much in my groove right now. One could say it is partially because of good luck. Others might say that it’s because of my confidence to really go for it in business and life. I agree with both of those things, definitely to a certain level. But of course that was not ‘it’. I took a few minutes to think about this question because I wanted to express how I really felt as to why things are feeling so good right now in my personal and professional life. It didn’t take me long to come-up with a confident answer.

I expressed to my friend that I truly do not give-in to certain things in my life. There are non-negotiable things. Of course life needs to be flexible on so many levels, but I have found not giving in to certain things has really put my life in great stride.  So here are my 10 non-negotiables that I have which I recommend you consider having.

10 Things To Not Give-In On / The Non-Negotiables

  1. Self-Care – It all starts here my friends. If you do not take care of yourself, everything else starts to break down. Take time every day for yourself. You are worth it. You deserve it. Got it? Don’t give-up on this one. This needs to be #1 on your list.
  2. Integrity – I know you’ve heard the phrase, ‘if you don’t have integrity you don’t have anything’. Well let me tell you something. In my mind, integrity is real close to being in the top spot of things to never give in on.  Integrity is trust. And trust is everything to me. How about you? Don’t ever give in on your integrity. It is a must in my book.Know Yourself -Know Who You Are-Where You Want To Go
  3. Values – Just like integrity, your values are at the core of who you are. When making those tough decisions, go back to your values. They will never do you wrong.
  4. Respect – Never accept anyone putting you down as a person. And what I mean by that is taking someone disrespecting you as the truth. You deserve great success and happiness and should be respected. No one is perfect. But we do deserve to live a life full of what makes us happy in life.
  5. Happiness – Life is really too short and flies by way too fast to not go for it in life.  You must always believe down to the core that you are worthy of great things in life. Never doubt that.
  6. Dreams and Goals – Without goals and dreams we lose hope and we cannot have that. Life is about growing and we must always keep feeling alive. Don’t ever believe it’s too late to go for what you want. You can do it!
  7. Gratitude – Always be humble and appreciate what you do have in life. Life can be really tough at times. But gratitude is like hope. You don’t want to give-up on this. We always have something to be thankful for.
  8. Spending Time With Loved Ones – I have learned this all too well that life is cut really short sometimes. I have had my share of loss in my life of really great people that were part of my life. Don’t wait to spend time with your loved ones. You don’t want to be too late. Cherish those great people in your life and spend all available moments with them.
  9. Courage – You are stronger than any challenge put in front of you. Whatever you are going through, know that it can and will get better. Keep fighting. Keep having courage. Be strong!
  10. Believing In Yourself – If you want others to believe in your goals and dreams, you must believe and never stop. You have awesome gifts to share with the world. So never let anything get in your way to believing in all the things you want out of life.

I would love to hear what your non-negotiable things are in life? Are they some of the above? Do you have different ones? Let your voice be heard. Post your comments. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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