We are all busy in life with different things, such as work, school, kids activities, errands, family obligations, and the list goes on and on.  Sometimes we get so busy, it seems like week after week goes by and we don’t have the opportunity to come up for air.  In that list of things that you are doing in life, does it include spending time with your friends?  How often do you take the time to have a coffee or go out to dinner with a close girlfriend?

It’s so important for us to spend time with our girlfriends from time to time.  I was thinking about a few close girlfriends that I have and what is so great about hanging out with them.

The Importance of Spending Time with Your Girlfriends

  • Relate:  With your girlfriends you can totally share what’s going on in your life. There is no better people in life that truly can understand and relate to you.
  • Laughter: You have the best laughs.  I am thinking of a few of my best girlfriends and of the times we get together.  It’s so great to just act totally silly at times and laugh. I’ve had some of my best “laugh til you cry” moments hanging out with my friends.
  • Reduces Stress:  You can have the worst day, but then when you start talking with a good friend, you can totally forget what you were stressed about.
  • Celebrate Successes & Support During Challenges: You share in the successes and the challenges in life. Real friendships will share in the joys and the sorrows; will be there through thick and thin.  Such a great thing.

I know I’ve been working pretty hard at work, and putting my energy into so many things.  There is nothing like hanging out with your best friends and I know I personally need to put together a girls night out to catch up and have some laughs with them. Let’s make time for our best girlfriends and be there for each other! -The SmartChic

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