Success:  A great, positive word, that shows we have achieved our goals and dreams….

As I am writing this blog post, I am thinking about when “you” read this.  We are likely different in age from each other, in different stages of our lives, have different wants and needs, and our definition of the word “success” is likely different from each another.

So, what’s your definition of success?

  • Starting and raising a family?
  • Maintaining a certain lifestyle?
  • Having a career that you love and challenges you?
  • Getting a certain educational degree?
  • Having a successful relationship?
  • Having it all? The family, the career, the money?
  • A state of happiness, that everything in your life has come together?

Since we are all unique and in different stages of life, I can’t tell you what individual goals you must achieve to be successful.  That is very personal. Something very individualized. But I do want to share with you 4 important things to consider when defining what success means to you.

4 Important Things to Consider When Defining Success

  1. Is it “Your” Definition of Success?- Is what you consider the definition of success from your own ideas?  It’s important for the definition to be based on what you want versus defining your life based on what others think you should do.
  2. Who are You Doing This For? Are you constantly trying to please someone else or are you doing it because it will make you happy?  If you are doing it for you, it’s a healthy definition of success.
  3. Does it Make You Happy?- When you think about what you want to achieve, are you anxious and feeling under pressure? Or does achieving your goals make you feel excited?  You have to feel excited about what you want to achieve in order to really feel good about it being a success.
  4. Does It Include People? – At the end of the day, does your definition of success include people? Loved ones, friends, giving back to the community?  Achieving success on your own is awesome. But if you don’t have someone to share it with, what is it all worth?  I believe your definition of success must include relationships in your life.

Whatever your definition of success is, today is the day to get moving on your goals and dreams. Life is short. Never go through life having regrets.  But take note of what your definition of success is.  Make sure it’s about you, it makes you happy and that in the end, a big part of it includes people that are in your life.  Because in the end, it’s who we’re with and who we can share our successes with, that is important.

What’s your definition of success? Is it a state, or an ongoing process?  What are some of your thoughts about success?  I want to hear from you! ~The SmartChic

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