One of the things that I realize is that sometimes we waste a lot of time on things that distract our attention from us working on our goals and dreams. Let me ask you a question. When working on a project, do you constantly have things getting in your way of what you REALLY need to get done? What are those pesky distractions that always get in your way? Also, do you feel that you are wasting time in your life on things that are not positively contributing to your life? Are you ready to change the way you do things and get a lot more done in your day? If the answer is yes, check out my 12 tips to stop wasting time in your life.

12 Smart Ways To Stop Wasting Time In Your Life

  1. Stop Hitting the Snooze Button –  Unless you need extra sleep, don’t procrastinate getting up! I get a lot done first thing in the morning after I have my first cup of coffee.
  2. Get A Plan In Place First Thing in the Day –  Don’t just go through your day, seize the day by having an awesome plan in place to keep yourself laser-focused.
  3. Stop Checking Facebook and Email – Imagine the number of minutes or possibly hours we could save if we didn’t constantly check social media. Handle social media in time blocks; at certain times in the day and you’ll be efficiently utilizing your time in the day.
  4. Eliminate Activities That Drain You – Stop wasting time on people and activities that drain all the positive energy out of you. Focus in on those things that contribute positively to your life.Best Life Quote
  5. Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control –  Focus in on only things that you can do in life.  Put your efforts into positive actions moving ahead.
  6. Eliminate Your Focus on Negativity – What you put your focus to is where you put action to and if you are putting your time into worrying and on negative things, I guarantee you will not get anywhere.
  7. Stop Hanging Around Toxic People – As I always say, you are too blessed to be stressed and hanging around negative people is going to stop you from really living up to your full potential. Do what you can to eliminate or limit your time around these energy drainers.
  8. Start Taking Action on Things Instead of Hoping for Things – Imagine all the time in our lives that we have wasted by over-thinking things. It’s time to stop hesitating and take action on the things we want do!
  9. Release the Control -Delegate – We are not using the best use of our time when we hold so tightly onto things that really should be done by someone else, so that we can focus our energy on what we really should be doing. Make the commitment to clear out time for the things you really should be doing.
  10. Start Putting Yourself First (Not Last) By Making Yourself Important – When are you going to realize that your self-care and happiness is of the utmost importance? Stop wasting time! You only have one life and it’s time for you to take great care of yourself.
  11. Stop Focusing On What Others Are Doing – Are you constantly comparing yourself to someone else? Stop wasting your energy competing with other people’s lives. No one is perfect. The only person you should be competing with is yourself.
  12. Learn to Stop Looking Back To the Past – Your focus should always be on the present and moving forward. You are not your past. So do yourself a favor… stop looking back!

Are there things that you need to change to stop wasting time? Have you done any of the above 12 ways that I have mentioned above? I would love to hear what resonated with you or what has worked for you!

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