Five years ago, 16 leaders around the world were strangers. 16 of us met through Social Media: Twitter, G+ and Facebook. We formed friendships that reached around the globe and used social technologies to collaborate.  The majority of us have never met in person.  Then an absolutely AWESOME thing happened.

The 16 of us wrote a book together called ‘Energize Your Leadership!’

Why Did We Write Energize Your Leadership?

We came together through our passion for leadership and rallied around the difference that strong leadership makes not only to organizational culture, but also to individuals.

As leaders, we need to consistently re-ignite and re-charge our passion. We wanted to share our stories of hard earned lessons to help you accelerate your success and energize your leadership too.

How Did We Do It?

Each of us have written a personal chapter telling the story of a struggle—as well as a powerful insight—that led us to energizing our leadership. The stories are all different, each revealing a moment of thought-provoking discovery. The 16 of us have shared a different aspect of energized leadership.

In collaborating with one another we developed extraordinary connections and friendships; creating a vibrant community of energized leadership.

I am honored to say that ‘Energize Your Leadership’ is available RIGHT NOW on Amazon!

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EnergizeYourLeadership Cover

We are all in this journey of life together. Let’s inspire one another and lift each other way up.  Energize Your Leadership right now! Give me a shout out and let me know how I can best support you in your leadership journey today!

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