So a little about me.  I grew up in a very small town in Massachusetts; there was one blinking light in town, one gas station, one general store and there were about 200 kids in my entire high school.  It was a very rural town, a conservative town, not much going on, but it was a very beautiful and quaint town.  I had a nice life….. So fast forwarding through my life; what did I do with my life? I did things that were not so quiet and quaint as the town I grew up in! In college, I did an internship at a maximum security prison in Connecticut, then decided to work for them for about a decade, both because it was exciting and a bold career move at the time. Then…I decided I needed to pack my bags and move out to Las Vegas to reach my goal of moving to a warm climate and also pursue new and exciting career opportunities in the investigations field. And now… I am a California gal, still working in the field I love (investigations) while building on my passion; my company SmartChic!  And guess what?  I am loving every second of it.

So why am I telling you my story?  Because I could have easily played my life ‘real’ safe.  I could still be living in my hometown, or some place close by. And I would have had a good life.  But for me, it just wasn’t what I really wanted.  I always dreamed of big things and always wanted to expose myself to lots of experiences in life.  So if I stayed in my comfort zone, I know that I would have limited my options in life, and for me it would have been a less than fulfilling life.

So, a question for you.  Are you living too safe of a life?  Are you not stretching your horizons, not going for it in life, not striving for what’s possible for you in life?  You’ve got one life and I do not want you to live with any regrets in life. Know that there will be challenges…I’ve had them! But guess what. I got through them. And so can you.  So I challenge you to live on the edge a little! Get out of that comfort zone and go for it in life!

Question: How are you going to start living life a little more out of your comfort zone; living a little more on the edge? How will you start living today to ensure you never have any regrets in life?  I would love to hear from you!  -Cynthia

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