You have so much to offer in life. You were born with a gift and the world should see how extraordinary you are. Let me ask you a question. Have you been giving it your all or have you been just going through life with no real aim to be at your best?  In order to succeed big, you must act big. You want to stay true to who you are, but in order to stand out, you must get up, stand out and show the world what you’ve got.  In my over 20 years of interviewing and getting to really know people for who they really are, there are some Excellence is a prevailing attitudecommon characteristics that I believe make outstanding people stand out. They stand out in a really positive way, are successful to those around them and most importantly are true to themselves and feel confident about who they are.

So are you ready to stop shuffling through life and go from being satisfactory to being extraordinary? Here are some ways to step into greatness! They may seem like small things but in actuality these small things are big things. When you do these things, you will be stepping it up into greatness! You will be extraordinary!

15 ‘Smart’ Ways to Step Into Greatness Today. Be Extraordinary!

  1. Be Present – Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, be all there. Be present. In the moment. Eliminate distractions.
  2. Show Up Early – Take the necessary action steps to map out your route and arrive to places early. Lead by example and respect other people’s time.
  3. Look Sharp – First impressions are very important. Take good care of yourself and dress sharp.
  4. Be Prepared and Proactive – You have to be quick on your feet. Be prepared and always be ready to over-deliver. Because you never know what is going to come at you.
  5. The Quality of Your Words is Key – It is not how much you say, but the quality of what you say that counts.
  6. Confidence is Key – A humble but confident person is an extraordinary person. Take great pride in what you do and be proud of who you are.
  7. Keep your Integrity – Make the decision in life to always go with what is best for your life. Always keep your integrity in life.
  8. Give to others – Whatever you do in life, look at how you can contribute to other’s success and happiness.
  9. Celebrate your Uniqueness – Your differences to others is what makes you extraordinary. Don’t try to blend in. Celebrate who you are.  Your imperfections and all.
  10. Own Your Life. – You’ve got one life. So own it. Take responsibility for it. Create it how you want it. Really Live It.
  11. Always Be a Student of Life -Always strive to learn and grow through life. You can never learn enough in life.
  12. Respect Others – Don’t judge. Respect others. Be always acutely aware of where you came from. As quickly as you can rise, you can fall down.
  13. Be a Mentor – Be that person that people learn from. Be an inspiration to others. Be there for them.
  14. Have Balance. – Establish a life that has a healthy balance that works for your life.
  15. Walk the Talk – Lead by example. Don’t just talk about things. Get busy and take action on things!

So there you have it! It is your time to shine. So step out of the ordinary and be extraordinary! I would love to hear which ones mean the most to you. Also, what additions would you make that are characteristics of greatness? I can’t wait to hear from you!


Cynthia Bazin is absolutely passionate about YOUR success and happiness. She will teach you very ‘smart’ strategies for you to SOAR! If you’re ready and committed to invest in yourself, contact Cynthia today to start a conversation! [email protected]