It happens to the best of us! At some points in our life, we are going to burn-out or totally get knocked down from something that we felt was going to work out but didn’t. Our confidence gets rocked and we feel like all the efforts we put into something was a waste of time.  We get in a major bummed-out state and don’t seem to have an ounce of energy to get ourselves out of it. I get it! I think we all can relate to feeling this way one time or another. Know that it’s normal and that it happens to everyone from time-to-time.

But we must believe and know it is a temporary state. We must keep hope. We must know that whatever challenges we have, it’s within our control how we handle things today and the days ahead.  Don’t let challenges get you thrown off your path to your long-term success. Have your experiences make you stronger for the future ahead. YOU deserve GREAT success and happiness and I want you to go out and get it!  So check out my video below then my 10 ways to get you back pumped-up and back into your game. You’ve got this!

10 Ways To Get Your Motivation Back After Getting Knocked Down

  1. Reduce Your OverwhelmAwesome -Be awesome today – Many times when you are burned-out or not motivated, it’s because you have too much going on in your life. Reduce the overwhelm and stop doing things in your life that are draining you.
  2. Focus On One Goal to Get You Kick-Started – Start fresh by not trying to accomplish too many goals. Pick one or two at the most. When you focus, you have your full attention on it.
  3. Fill Your Life With Inspiration – When you are looking to get back into your game, you really need to fill your mind with inspiration. So read inspirational articles, listen to motivational videos and surround yourself with inspiring people. When you fill your life with positivity it will affect your life in an awesome way.
  4. Do Something Awesome For Others –  Sometimes in order to feel good yourself, it helps to give to others; do something really generous for someone else. Volunteer, help a neighbor out or giving to a charity are some examples. Share your gifts with someone and it’ll pump you up because of how you made others feel.
  5. Commit to Progress Every Day – Make a commitment to take small steps forward every day. Remember that small steps forward lead to big achievements.
  6. Speak Your Goal Out-Loud – If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, speak your goal out-loud to someone or a trusted community. By putting it out there, you are making a commitment which is accountability for yourself. You will get great support from others to keep moving forward on your goal and you’ll want to succeed once you know others know about it.
  7. Understand That Every Day Will Not Be a Perfect Day – Always remember that even with the most amazing action plan, things are going to go wrong and every day will not be a perfect day. Don’t be too hard on yourself. When things get thrown off track, take a step back, re-strategize and move onward and forward.
  8. Treat Yourself To Something Special – To get out of that initial slump, why not treat yourself to something special. Get a new haircut or treat yourself to a spa day or just take a nice long walk. Just do something for yourself to make you feel good as you commit to moving ahead.
  9. Design a Success Box – Put together a box where you put in memories of your ‘wins’ throughout the year. For my clients, this is an awesome motivational tool to keep them pumped-up during the year.
  10. Reward Yourself Each Step of the Way – To keep yourself on the right track and inspired, don’t forget to reward yourself for your small wins. You want and need something to look forward to. Reward yourself along the way!

Which of my 10 ways to get your motivation back most resonate with you? Do you have a story to share or other ways to get back motivated in your life? I would love to hear from you!

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