This is a story about not living for what others may think. It is about enjoying YOUR life and doing what is best for you.

My friend Katie is someone who I have always admired!  She is extremely motivated, has always been a career person who is greatly respected. She also has been married for a long time to her college sweetheart and has two great kids.

So, recently Katie had come to me and was talking about how tired she was and miserable in her job.  It wasn’t the job that she disliked, but rather the current management that she was working for.  She was feeling micro managed and she definitely is not the type of person that wants or needs that type of environment to work in. Katie looked very tired and was under a great deal of stress.  So I asked her; what was she going to do?   She said to me that she would like to be home with the kids and not be at her current workplace any longer. Katie expressed how she felt like she was missing out on a lot with her kids; that they were growing up too fast.  But, on the flip side, the money was good where she was at and wondered what others would say (family and friends) if she left?  (She had started telling close people to her about her situation and people thought she shouldn’t leave her career that she worked so hard to build on).

Im-not-telling-you...Well, I looked at Katie and said; “You need to look out for you, what’s going to make you happy and do what YOU want to do.” I know it was a grueling decision for her because she is such the career person and felt torn because of outside pressures.

Well, Katie made her decision.  One day, when her supervisor did something to her that was just over the line, she made a confident decision to give her notice and commit to spending time with her family.   Wow.  I give her so much credit.  Because I knew how hard of a decision it was for her to do this.  But guess what?  I have gotten together with her for lunch since this all happened and even though financially it is more difficult with living just on her husband’s income, she is the happiest and the least stressed I have ever seen her.  GOOD for her!  She made the RIGHT decision for her.

So what can you get out of this story?  If you’re looking to make a big change in your life, ask yourself these three questions.  Discover what is best for YOUR life!

  1. Why are you looking to make a change in your life?  Is it emotion driven, or is there a real positive basis to making this change?
  2. What are the positives and negatives of making this change?  Do the positives outweigh the negatives?
  3. If you make this change, will you have zero regrets? Will you not look back at the past, but focus on the present and what’s ahead?

choices-accept-or-changeLive like Katie! Do what’s best for YOU in life.  Go for what’s in your heart, but be sure you are thinking clearly.  BE SMART!

What do you think of Katie’s story?  Is this something you can relate to?  Is there something that you really need to do to lighten your emotional load and be happier in life?   I would love to hear from you!

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