I have always considered myself to be an efficient person that makes the most of my time.  A few months ago, I decided that I wanted even more time in my day to do things I thoroughly enjoy.  Less work time and more leisure time! I mean, I am all about working hard, but my time is valuable and there is so much I want to do for outside activities.  If I don’t do something about it, no one will do it for me!

If you are looking for something similar, first you must take responsibility for what your life is right now and then take massive action steps to create the life you want.  Here are 10 of my smart tips in creating an efficient day so you can have much more time for the things you enjoy doing.

  1. Create Your Plan/Your Mission Each Day – As I always say, if you don’t design a plan, you might not stand a chance. Don’t just go through your day. Get a plan of action together and take massive action on it to make big things happen during the day. Make the most of life
  2. Write out Lists to Stay Focused – Writing out a to-accomplish list will keep you focused and it will keep you motivated to keep moving forward on what you need to do, especially when you have the reward of crossing off things you get done!
  3. Do One Big Grocery Shopping Trip Each Week – Are you constantly going to the grocery store to pick up items for a daily meal? Try to do a weekly grocery shopping for all your essentials to save yourself some time.
  4. Group Errands Together – If you have a bunch of errands to do, instead of driving back and forth multiple times on different occasions to get them done, try to design a plan to get them all done at one time.
  5. Put A Limit On Television and Social Media – If we really get down to evaluating our schedules, many of us are spending a lot of time either watching television or being on social media. If you do it, acknowledge it then really take a look at whether you are making the most of your time. If not, create a plan to eliminate some of it and you’ll find lots of time for yourself.
  6. Be Okay With Saying ‘No’ To An Activity – Sometimes you just have to say ‘no’ to requests for your time in order to make the most of your life. Quality people will understand. Just be honest and don’t feel guilty about saying no to activities at times.
  7. Make Quick, Easy, Healthy Meals – I have come to realize that you don’t need to spend a ton of time in the kitchen preparing meals. There are healthy, quick meals you can make and not spend hours of your day preparing.
  8. Clean As You Go Through Your Day – There is not much worse than when you let things go to the point that things are so disorganized, then at some point you have a huge amount to clean or de-clutter.  Make the commitment to try to keep your space clean at all times. Try to clean as you go so you don’t have to worry about things later on.
  9. Take Massive Action During Your Productive Times – Figure out your most productive hours of the day and take massive action on things you need to do during this part of your day. Try to focus on what you need to get done during your peak motivated hours. Get things done!
  10. Put Yourself On the Calendar – Bottom line is, if you want to have time for yourself, you must schedule time for yourself. No one is going to do it for you. So create a schedule that leaves plenty of time for you.

What ways do you need to improve on creating more time for the things you enjoy? Or if you have already had success in creating more time for the things you enjoy, let me know what you have done.  I’d love to hear from you!

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