Change. It’s inevitable. It happens to all of us.  But have you noticed this about change, that it usually doesn’t happen for us gently or smoothly, it kind of hits us over the head? =) And sometimes, it’s not just one thing that changes in your life, sometimes multiple things happen all at once?

So how do you currently deal with change?


  • Do you resist it?
  • Do you get angry?
  • Do you have anxiety?
  • Do you freeze up, unable to deal with it?
  • Do you make bad decisions?
  • Do you embrace change?

Since you know that change is going to happen, what you can do is prepare for it, understand about change, and learn to look at it in a positive way.  Everyone deals with change differently, but here are some healthy ways to prepare and positively work through change.

4 Ways to Prepare and Positively Work Through Change

  1. Have a Plan – In all aspects of your life, always have a back-up plan of action. When you do that, if change ends up happening quickly, once you deal with the initial shock of it, you have some action items ready for you to tackle head on.
  2. Work Through It & then Accept It – This is probably one of the toughest things to do when change comes (especially when it’s something you do not want). Before you get to the acceptance stage, you may need a period of time, because sometimes change is very similar to a loss, so take your time in first dealing with it. Just know that in order for you to really effectively move forward, acceptance of the change is necessary.
  3. It is an Opportunity for Growth! – When people think of change, many times it’s thought of as a bad thing. As they say, life is all about the attitude we have toward things. Do your best to think of change as a new beginning, something that is meant to be in the long run. I know in my life, even though some things didn’t seem like a blessing at the time, down the road, I can see how it turned out for the very best. And actually, change most of the time is GREAT! When there is change, there is growth in your life. So embrace change, you will become a stronger and better person because of it! =)
  4. Reach out for support – When change occurs, don’t be afraid to reach out to the people who care about you, support and help you. Don’t think you need to do everything yourself. It’s “okay” and healthy to reach out to others.

Change is constant.  Someone right now is going through massive changes in their life.  Are you one of them? What kind of changes are you going through?  Positive changes or challenging ones?  And how do you deal with change?  I’d love to hear from you!

“You must welcome change as the rule, but not as your ruler.” -Denis Waitley

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