Are you doing what makes you happy? Do you get up every morning excited about the day, or are you dreading the fact of getting out of bed and even heading out the door?  Do you envy people who love their life? Everything that they do and what’s in it?

I hear people say all the time, that they are searching for what they are “meant to do in life”, “what their gift is to the world”.  I say stop searching! You know what your passion is!! It’s right there at your heels, but are you consciously aware of it, do you know yourself well enough to know what that is?

Do simply what makes you happy!

You know the feeling! What could you do 24 hours a day with your time if you could? What kind of things do you think and dream about? What are you talented at and would love to be doing as your life work?

4 Reasons Why “What Makes You Feel Alive Will Make You Thrive”!

  1. When you are passionate about something, your motivation level will stay up.
  2. When you love what you do, you are willing to go the extra mile and not be just ordinary, but extraordinary.
  3. When you’re doing something that means the world to you, you will be persistent and won’t give up on your dream.
  4. When you feel alive in your life, guess what? You have already succeeded!!

There are really two choices in life. Be the type of person that says “I wish I could”, or be the type of person that says,”I am doing it”.  Be the person that lives their life to the fullest, do things that make you feel alive and happy!

Life is way too short not to get started today. What makes you feel alive? What are you doing or going to do to make sure you are really living life? I would love to hear from you!!

“When what we are is what we want to be, that’s happiness.” -Malcolm Forbes

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