Get a pen and piece of paper.  Take a moment to do this exercise. What does your typical day look like schedule-wise? Write down everything that you do in a day’s period and next to it, put down how much time you spend on each activity.

Just to get you started, here are some of the things that are likely on your list.


  • Work / Career
  • Driving To / From Work
  • Kids / Activities
  • Family Obligations
  • School
  • Social Events
  • Doing Housework, Fixing Things Around the House
  • Relaxation Time – Doing Things for Yourself

So, how does it look?  Are you like a lot of people, that your schedule is so packed that you actually can’t believe you fit everything from your schedule in a 24-hour period?  How much time did you put under “Relaxation Time”?  Did you think or say out loud when you saw that on the list; “What relaxation time?” =)

Is your life overbooked? Are you running on fumes?  Are you never able to do the things you want, because you are so overloaded with other things? Or, by the time you actually could do something for yourself, you’re so exhausted, you just want to crash in bed, because you know in a few short hours, the craziness starts all over again?

You must stop the cycle of craziness! If you don’t, the cycle will continue.  One activity will be replaced by another and years will go by and you’ll be saying to yourself. “Where did the time go?”

So are you ready to get serious about gaining control of your life? Are you ready to get some things off your plate and spend time doing the things you really want to do?

You can do it!  Get that piece of paper again and really write down in detail all the things you do in a day.  Then list each one of your activities under one of the following three categories and you’ll be well on your way to gaining more time for YOU!

  1. Delegate What Others Can DoWhat is on your list that you can give to someone else to do, or pay someone to do for you? I know that many of you like to have control of everything you do. But release the control! This is about gaining more time in your life. Start off with maybe one thing at a time and then delegate more as you go along.
  2. Eliminate What is Draining You – What is on your list that is just totally burning you out? An activity or a relationship that is just not cutting it? Really think about what is draining your energy and develop a plan of action to get this off your plate. I understand that this may take some time. But believe me, it will be worth it.
  3. Focus On What Fuels You – What revs you up during the day? When are you most happy? What are the things in life that bring you great joy?

How is your list looking?  Have things on the delegate and eliminate list?  If you now follow through on the delegating and eliminating, you will now have time for you! But remember, life has no remote!  You want change? Get up and change the channel of your life and start REALLY living!

What are you doing to free-up time in your schedule? What are you going to delegate and eliminate?  I want to hear from you!! – The SmartChic

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