SmartChic is about motivation and inspiration. It’s about living the life of our dreams and going for everything we want in life.  But to be real; sometimes life deals us some really bad cards and it’s not always full of sunshine and rainbows.  I am sure most of you, if not all can relate.  A situation comes up in life which you have no idea how you will make it through; you may feel as if you don’t have the strength to go on.  It may be the loss of someone close to you, a breakup of a relationship or marriage, the loss of a job, or medical illness.  And sometimes, multiple things happen at once to us.  What is the saying?  Bad things happen in 3’s?

I felt compelled to talk about this because there is someone I know that is dealing with some tough things right now in her life which are out of her personal control.  At this time in my life, I happen to be in a place which all is going well so I can objectively look from the outside-in to the situation.  When bad things happen to us, we are most times not able to change the situation at hand, but we are able to control how we feel about something to a degree and how we move forward.   For those of you who are going through something difficult right now, we at SmartChic want to let you know a few things:

  • You are not alone:   When you are going through personal pain and / or tragedy, you think you are all alone.  You are not.  Look around you to friends and family.  Look for the people that love you.  Reach out to them even if it is just to talk.  People want to help you as much as they can.  Sometimes people just don’t know what to say.  Also, know that you are not alone in this world going through stuff.  Sometimes it can be helpful to look at others outside yourself.  Knowing that some people are going through tougher challenges than you are.
  • Distractions are Good:  Although it’s healthy to work through the emotions that you are feeling, I believe it’s also really good for you to get your mind off things.  When you’re under stress, your body just can’t take thinking about the pain 24 hours a day. Getting out with friends, or getting yourself involved in a work project, writing, or whatever is going to get your mind off of things for a while is helpful.
  • You Must Believe:  When times get tough, you have to believe and have hope that it’s going to get better.  This thing called life is always going to throw you a loop from time to time.  With a positive outlook it will make things better for you. Having a sense of hope will help you get through the day.  Also, for me, listening to music with certain themes always helps lift my spirits.

Here at SmartChic, we want you to know that YOU ARE STRONG, and that you will get through the challenges that get thrown your way!!   Take care of you and let’s take care of each other. ~The SmartChic 😉

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