For the last few years, I have traveled quite a bit for my business from California to Las Vegas, Nevada, then back to California. I have done this on a weekly basis. It is always an overnight trip, so I need to pack two days of business clothing, workout clothes, shoes, personal items, computer stuff, etc.  I’ve got to tell you, in the full two years that I have been doing this, I have learned quite a lot about packing, so if you ever need any tips, I am your woman! But seriously, what I have come to realize is that becoming an experienced, efficient traveler, you can definitely use those skills for life in general, and be extraordinary in your personal and professional life! So check out these 10 things I have learned from traveling that I believe is really helpful to live a successful and happy life!

10 ‘Smart’ Life Skills You Learn From Traveling

  1. Arrive EarlyYou never want to miss that plane!  Importance of Life Skill: When you arrive to your destination early, you are eliminating avoidable stress for the rest of the day. Also, by arriving early, it shows you know how to effectively manage your time. Bring a magazine or grab a cup of coffee. Make arriving early just a normal part of your day.
  2. Be Prepared – With lots of traveling, you learn to dress appropriately, have food and beverages, have electronics charged etc. Importance of Life Skill: When you are prepared, you don’t get caught off guard in life, as much as possible. Always remember that it’s better to over-prepare because you never want to under-deliver! Don't just go through life. Grow through life.
  3. Be ResourcefulYou learn how to pack lightly, always have a plan B for travel plans and know who to call and where to go when traveling. Importance of Life Skill: It’s important to not put all your eggs in one basket as they say. It’s important to think of all the possibilities and have resources available to you. The more resourceful you are, the more opportunities will come to you.
  4. Ask QuestionsRemember that almost everything is negotiable, from upgrading hotel rooms to car rental rates, etc. Importance of Life Skill: Real successful people ask the right questions and gain the most opportunities. If you don’t ask, you can’t expect a chance!
  5. ListenIt’s amazing the people you will meet while traveling and the positive impact it has when you just listen to what others have to say.  Importance of Life Skill: I truly believe that the quality of what you say is so much more important than how much you say. And listening is where you learn and grow. So don’t just hear what people say, really listen to the message that is being said.   
  6. Keep Your Eyes and Mind Open to Possibilities and Opportunities  – It’s amazing the interesting and quality people I have met when I just started a conversation while traveling. Importance of Life Skill: Keep your eyes and mind open to opportunities, they might be closer than you think. The person you want to work with might just be sitting next to you.
  7. Have PatienceDelays and cancellations happen. Expect it. Importance of Life Skill: As we know, things don’t happen at the exact time that we want them to. But your goals and dreams are worth it. So be persistent in going for what you want but patient enough to know it will come at the right time in your life.
  8. Think On Your Feet I’ve learned that when cancellations happen, don’t follow the crowd, think outside the box. Instead of waiting in line with everyone else, call the airline and you might just get that seat on the next flight. Importance of Life Skill: Things in life are constantly changing. Those ahead of the curve will get the opportunities that are merely just possibilities for others.
  9. Have GratitudeWhenever I am away from my family traveling, I have great gratitude of what I have in life. Importance of Life Skill: When you start each day with gratitude, everything else just seems to fall that much nicer into place.
  10. Pay it Forward Traveling can be stressful. Luggage is heavy. It’s amazing the gratitude people have when you help them out. Importance of Life Skill: The most beautiful people are confident but humble people and giving people. What you give out positively will come back to you, in so many awesome ways.

Even if I stop doing a lot of business travel, I know that what I have learned during those times will always stay with me.  You may travel a lot or not at all, but I believe we all have input on what are some of the best life skills to have. So which of the ten on my list do you most resonate with? What other life skills do you believe are important to live a successful and happy life?  I look forward to hearing from you!


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