For a while now, I had been looking to freshen up my website. I wanted to have more inspirational colors on the template. It was time! I had always loved the content on my website, but the richer, darker colors on it didn’t quite fit with my personality or the message I was conveying. It was definitely time to ‘lighten things up’!  When it was completed, I absolutely fell in love with the lighter look.  It feels very aligned with the messages I convey.

As I freshened up my website, I started thinking of the different areas of life we need to lighten up on from time to time.   So I ask you the following questions:

  • Do you feel overwhelmed? Simplify your life
  • Is your stress level higher than it should be?
  • Do you have emotional or physical clutter around you?
  • Are you not having as much fun in life as you would like?

You are too blessed to be weighed down with all types of emotional and physical stuff. Let’s look at 10 areas I believe we can all lighten up!

10 ‘Smart’ Things to Lighten Up in Your Life

  1. The Amount of Activities – Are you weighed down by commitments on your calendar that are draining you, not fulfilling you? Take your list of activities and start eliminating things that don’t fit into your life plan. Create more time for yourself.
  2. How Seriously You Take Life – How much fun do you actually have in your days? Do you take things too seriously? Take a deep breath and realize that life is meant to be enjoyed! Incorporate fun into each and every day.
  3. Your Relationship or Marriage – When is the last time you did something special for your loved one in life? Bought a special gift for them, held hands or just looked into their eyes and told them you love them? Life goes by fast and spending quality time with your loved ones is so important.
  4. Physical Clutter – Do you have too much stuff surrounding you? What are you holding onto things for? Physical clutter definitely weighs you down. Make the commitment to start cleaning up and tossing out things you don’t use or need!
  5. Debt You Have Accumulated –  When is the right time to put a real strategy plan in place to lighten up that debt of yours? The time is right now.  As you know, it doesn’t just go away.  Take responsibility for it, get some help if needed to put a real financial strategy plan in place. Knock down that debt and get financially free!
  6. Toxic / Negative People – You don’t have time for negativity in your life. It is time to start limiting and ideally eliminate the negativity around you. Diligently work on keeping just positive, inspiring people around you.
  7. Emotional Distress Inside of You – Are there things within yourself that you haven’t quite worked through? Is there emotional stuff that is weighing you down, things that you haven’t been able to work through? Reach out for support! Make the investment in you. You are too blessed to be weighed down by things in life. You deserve to live a happy life.
  8. Physical Surroundings – Sometimes it helps to freshen-up your environment some! Little things such as painting walls a brighter color or adding some colorful splashes of décor is all you need to create a more inspiring, physical space.
  9. Your To-Do List – Do you need to lighten up your to-do list, because it just keeps getting longer?  Make the commitment to tackle your list, but not just finish things halfway.  Fully complete a task and cross it off your list!
  10. Unfinished Business – Are there things that you need to do in life that’s been weighing you down? A conversation you need to have with someone? A relationship you need to repair or perhaps move on from? There is no perfect time to deal with difficult situations. The more you wait, the more it weighs you down. Commit to finishing your business. It will be like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Once you commit to lightening up things in your life, your days are going to dramatically, positively transform! Don’t delay. Start working on this list today. Your life will be so much better for doing it.

What are some areas of your life that you have lightened up on or are committing to do starting today? I would love to hear from you!  AND… I would love to hear how you like the ‘lightened up’ website! Much more to come for you. Shine on!

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