Have you ever made a promise or commitment that you knew right after you made it, you were unlikely or not able to deliver on?  Why did you do that?  Did you not think about what you were saying before you said it?  Was it to please others?  Not only does promising what you cannot deliver put stress on you, if you start developing a pattern of not delivering, it WILL reflect on you.  Therefore, some tips the next time you come across this situation.

  • Before You Commit – Think! – Take a step back and think about what is being asked of you.
  • It’s Okay to Say “No” Sometimes – Sometimes you just have to say no to things asked of you. If it doesn’t fit into your life plan or you know you don’t have the time to do something, respectfully say ‘no’.  People will respect your honesty.
  • Give Yourself A Cushion of Time–  What I mean by that, is set a time range that you reasonably know you can deliver if you are going to make a commitment.  To me, it’s better to under promise a little and over deliver much more.
Today and every day, be smart!  And only promise what you CAN deliver!
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