The word ‘perfection’. It’s a great sounding word to many of us, to include myself (or at least it used to be). Even though I know that no one is perfect, to me it had always meant excellence; being the best at your craft, not settling for the ordinary, but being extraordinary. It was mastering a skill that you have or excelling on a project you dive into.  It was developing yourself in a way that shows that you are not just doing the easy route, but instead taking it above and beyond.

I am a recovering “perfectionist”. How did I become a perfectionist? How did this all start? I believe it started at an early age when I was striving for something better.  I had a good life, but I wanted more. I wanted to have a great career and be very financially sound. I knew that if I just went with the flow of life, I would have limited myself in what I accomplished in life.

So how did my drive for excellence, actually ‘perfectionism’ serve me?  Quite well in the organizations I worked in. I was seen as a driven employee that went above and beyond and I was greatly rewarded for it.  For the assignments that were given to me, I had plenty of time to complete the results to what appeared to be in a perfect way. But since becoming an entrepreneur, I have learned that I must be a different way.  Things are at a much faster pace and you must take risks and take action and make adjustments along the way.  I found that if I tried to always make things perfect, or wait for the exact right time, opportunities are going to pass me by. Even though I have accomplished so much in my life, there’s a lot of things I am working on with SmartChic that I am just SO excited about to move forward on. I want it to be PERFECT, but yes…. yes…. I have learned don’t worry about it being perfect, just strive for excellence!

So I hope my story shows you, if you keep striving for ‘perfection’ it may lead to inaction!  So keep these things in mind:
  1. Strive for excellence, not for perfection. *No one is perfect!
  2. Realize you will make mistakes.  Make adjustments along the way.
  3. No more waiting. No more hesitating. Take action today!

Can any of you relate to being a perfectionist or have stories of when you were one?  I would love to hear from you!

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