So I was recently at a get-together and one of the conversations revolved around a lady that recently turned 40 years old. The question was asked of her, whether it bothered her to turn 40?  Her response was, that when she turned 40, it wasn’t so much the number that bothered her, but that she started thinking about regret.  She said that she wasn’t regretful now, but that she wondered whether down the road, would she regret not having children?  It was an intriguing conversation, because it made me think of each of us having birthdays, reaching certain milestones and knowing that we have different thoughts about age.

When we turn a certain age, is it the actual number that bothers us sometimes, or is it something deeper than that? 

This year I will hit a milestone. I know a lot of women wouldn’t dare talk about this, but I am proud to say that I am turning 40 years old at the end of this year.  Sure, I enjoyed my 20’s! And I really loved my 30’s.  And like most of you, I want to stay young forever 😉  But I choose to think of age, not as getting older, but rather getting much wiser!!

So I challenge you, not to think of age as something to be distraught about, but try to switch your mindset to a more positive outlook. Why not look at age and birthdays as a celebration; motivating you to live more in the moment and become an even happier person than you are today.

4 Ways to Positively Look at Age 

  1. You are Stronger and Wiser  – Think about how much more you know about the world and how your experiences and challenges in life have made you a much stronger and wiser person.
  2. You Appreciate the Good Things In Life –For many of us, with maturity comes a much deeper appreciation for the little things in life that make us so happy.
  3. Your Experience Contributes So Much To the World – Look at how much you can give back to the world based on your life experiences.
  4. Understand How Precious Life Is & Live More in the Moment– With age, many of us understand how precious and short life is, therefore, you are more willing to go for it in life and really live in the present.

Age is just a mindset, having the right attitude. You can either look at the downside of life or switch up the way you look at things and think of how much life is a gift that we are meant to enjoy and live to its fullest.

Back to me. I am honesty looking forward to my 40’s. I choose to see it as an opportunity to really be who I am meant to be, love more than I ever have and treat myself even better than I do today!

Remember you are amazing just as you are and you’re someone’s reason to smile right now.  Just know that if you need to make changes in your life, look at this moment being the time for you to go for it.  It’s never too late to go for what you want.  Be happy! Believe in you. I do.

What are your thoughts about age? I would love to hear from you!

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